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We try to keep everything simple, even our web design process. Our process will make sure your website communicates perfectly, achieves all of your goals, and launches in the most timely and cost efficient way.

Our Simple Web Design Process


We ask questions, listen and research you, your competition and your target audience.


We’ll organize and blueprint every page of your website including its functionality and content.


We will design , develop, and perform quality assurance analysis on every page of your website .


We never launch a site without testing it thoroughly for quality.

The ability to easily update, add to and manage your eCommerce online store is often the key to a successful website. Sifu IT includes in each online store an administration content management system allowing you to:

Automate business operations
  • Calculate shipping charges with FedEx, DHL and Poslaju
  • Exchange data with reporting and financial applications
  • Control inventory in real-time
Smart Front-End

Sifu IT provides professionally designed store fronts, robust shopping cart systems, and customer relationship management systems that help you gain more customers and increase sales.

Increase Revenue
  • Accept credit cards and checks securely and real-time
  • Boost conversion rates with coupons and promotions
  • Avoid expensive transaction fees charged by other providers
  • Expand your reach with built-in marketing tools
Take control of your business
  • Manage order processing, exchanges and returns
  • Communicate with clients and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Understand the big picture with financial reports and statistics

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a process of making websites much easier to locate when performing a search engine lookup based on relevant and targeted keywords. This is accomplished by several processes that involve optimizing both external and internal factors that influence search engine positioning. These search engines strategies are specifically designed to increase your website’s visibility, thus having a positive impact on your company’s profit margin.

We recognize that pay-per-click advertising has its place, but we strongly believe that organic (i.e. unpaid) search traffic has more value than traffic that is generated through paid click ads. Here’s why:

  • Cost. The most obvious benefit of organic search traffic is a cost advantage. Pay-per-click ads are guaranteed to put your company’s links in front of potential site visitors. But over time, the amount of cash you’ll spend on click-throughs can add up. Once you have implemented sound SEO principles, the cost-per-click for organic search traffic is zero, giving your company an edge over competitors who are trapped in a pay-per-click universe.
  • Credibility. One of the reasons why we advocate for organic site traffic is credibility. At this stage of the game, most Internet users know the score — companies that take an exclusively paid approach to site traffic are often behind the market in presence and credibility. By targeting organic traffic, our web design and online marketing team solidifies your firm’s online presence and reputation.
  • Competition. Here’s something else to consider: when pursued aggressively, organic search traffic can effectively block your competitors’ online presence. The more effort you invest in improving organic search traffic, the higher your site appears in search rankings — pushing competitors farther down the list.
  • Combined Approach. Internet users are non-homogenous. Some prefer to access sites through search engines; others routinely click paid ads. That makes it important for business sites to take a combined approach that integrates both organic search traffic and paid advertising into a coherent online strategy.

Do you have a local business? Chances are you do, and this makes Google happy. The good thing is there are lots of opportunities to optimize your business details to get you found in the top search results.

That’s were we come in.

Setting up your Local SEO campaign can be confusing, and we’re here to manage the entire process for you. We understand how to sort out all of the little clicks and buzzes to get you found in the places that your customers are looking!

Link earning is basically the idea that by producing great content and just by being all around awesome as a business or brand, people will want to link to your website and share the quality material you have created. Of course, there’s more to it than that. This doesn’t mean that as a business owner, you should produce creative blogs, optimize your profiles and website, and then simply wait and hope that someone will link to you. Sometimes link earning means you have to ask for what you want.

You can encourage customers to share your links by sharing content on social media and asking for shares, emailing links to influencers and asking them to share it, or by citing other professionals in your industry and asking them to promote it.

Our SEO consultants will work with your analytics team, or key stakeholders at your company, to learn what they consider primary and secondary KPIs.

We will then define and align brand and website goals across marketing channels and teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain insights.

Keyword Research Reports should contain information that helps to evaluate the SEO budget and the potential cost, including a list of keywords, how many additional visitors the site can get if it ranks in the top 10 for the keywords reported, how difficult it will be to rank in the top 10, and whether it’s cost-effective to promote highly competitive keywords.

Competition Analysis Reports will uncover the SEO strategy behind your competitors’ websites. They should tell you which keywords your competitors are promoting, whether it’s necessary to target keywords used by competitors but not by you, and from what sites your competitors are getting their links.

Website Audit Reports will cover myriad factors related to on-page optimization. It’s important to check these factors against industry standards in order to identify potential trouble points and elements that need to be improved. They should also include website and page statistics, such as PageRank, link popularity, and the number of indexed pages. A good Website Audit Report should provide information on different content-related issues:

  • Page titles
  • Meta tags
  • Keyword density
  • HTML formatting tags
  • HTML validation errors
  • Broken links


  • A list of keywords and/or a keyword matrix
  • Competitors’ backlink profiles
  • A list of suggested improvements to the site

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