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Pixelhood Media Management

Founded in 2009, Pixelhood Media Management is a quality driven creative agency focused on the success of our client’s businesses. In 2010, Pixelhood diversified itself as a creative interactive company that provides extensive services from consulting to the implementation of design, video/film/music production, web and multimedia solutions.</p> <p>Their services include: graphic design, brand development, desktop publishing, photography and videography, interactive mobile applications; a production house where we shoot, edit and produce.</p> <p>Pixelhood is complimented by our seasoned, talented and versatile personnel that are thoroughly involved in every avenue of the creative process. Pixelhood Media Management brings a holistic approach and maximum return to any marketing effort, with a foremost focus on producing the highest quality of work.

TalentOz - The Comprehensive HCM Suite on Cloud

TalentOZ on-the-Cloud solutions covers the lifecycle of Human Capital Management from Recruitment to Separation. This includes both strategic and transactional aspects of HCM. The hallmark of TalentOZ is its tight integration across all the HCM Modules.