Do SME/SMI in Malaysia require Technology Analysis?

shutterstock_201489404Do Malaysian companies use Technology the right question to ask? Malaysian companies are not new to Technology, but is this Technology used to optimize their business operations require an upgrade? This is the question we probably ask.

We feel companies in Malaysia especially SME/SMI do understand the importance and need for Technology in their business while some do use them but often Technology that’s found over the shelf. These technology aren’t developed to fit your business operations, instead it’s developed with general frameworks that surely will not suit your business a 100%.

How many companies in Malaysia perform a TNA (Technology Needs Analysis) to identify the crucial Technology needs of their operations and business? We figure perhaps 1 out 30. We take the time to analyze and study our yearly business plans and goals but we fail to analyze the daily Technology requirement the operations require. Non-techies often believe customized technology remains the same year in year out, but alike our business plans, Technology needs to be assessed and monitored from time to time to generate maximum output.

What’s TNA in a nutshell and how it’s done?

  • Conducting detail study of current Technology used in your business and the output it generates while mapping current operation structure.
  • Interview Technology users in your business to identify the advantages and disadvantage  with existing Technology
  • “Collected data comparison VS newer Technology tools or methods”  to identify GAPS
  • Amend or develop new Technology that fits current business needs.

This process usually needs to be implemented for new companies, existing companies, expansions and the process needs to be analyzed every few years to ensure your business is on par to advancement of newer Technology.

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